Interesting Ideas For An Academic Research Paper: 12 Fresh Topics

Many of us look for an interesting research paper topics; we spend hours surfing over the internet in the search for research papers and academic papers. Choosing the right topic for the academic research paper is the first and indeed the most crucial step which is on the way to writing and presenting the paper itself. It is not just important to be a good writer, but to make the right choice with academic writing from the very start. Here is a list of some fresh topics worth considering for academic research paper submission.

Twelve fresh topics for academic research paper writing:

  1. Persuasive research: these topics help in identifying one’s writing skills and to find out if one could take up their stand and defend their own particular idea. It is not at all an easy task in writing a good persuasive research paper and developing it lies in providing keen evident from trusted and reliable sources.

  2. Argumentative research paper: To come up with a clear augmentative research paper, it is important to pick a topic that is clear and invites good controversies. It is important for readers to easily understand what is at stake, pick up a topic, do adequate research and be an expert in the field. Take a clear position and build up a convincing argument, using a professional tone to invite success.

  3. Psychology research paper: psychology also is an interesting field to explore with academic research writing, and be sure that before selecting a topic, choose topics wisely by narrowing them down from general and broad subjects. To write a successful psychology research paper follow certain guidelines such as outlining, proof reading and brainstorming.

  4. sociology research papers: working on a sociology research paper is very much different from other college research papers as it invites tremendous challenge in fining strong evidence and understanding that arguments results from researching the structure and formation of our society.

  5. History topics to develop academic research paper: while choosing an historical academic research paper topic, be sure not to approach it systematically.

  6. Business research papers: some interesting topics that could be covered under business research papers are cybersecurity, business ethics, outsourcing, white collar crime etc.

  7. Crime and law academic research papers: topics such as animal rights, assisted suicide, capital punishments, political brutality etc., are wise to explore under the section.

  8. Drugs and drug abusers: there is a lot of scope under such academic research papers and topics such as drug trafficking, drugs and driving are worth writing.

  9. Environmental research papers: there are a number of environmental factors such as pollution, pesticides etc. to explore in a research paper.

  10. Health related topics

  11. Academic writing papers related to family issues

  12. Religion related academic writing papers.