A List Of Winning Academic Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When choosing a topic for an argumentative research paper, it is important to choose a topic that will spark interest in readers. Here is a list of research paper topics that will help to hold up the winning end of an academic argument.

  1. Legalization of Marijuana
  2. The legalization of marijuana has served to be one of the most widely discussed and debated topics, whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes.

  3. The Effects of Texting on Literacy
  4. Many people have questioned the effects of texting on the way we speak, type and write in everyday life.

  5. Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Permitted?
  6. Many argue that allowing physicians to end prematurely the life of a patient is morally incorrect, while others argue that it is the most dignified and rational decision in certain situations.

  7. Is Feminism Still Needed?
  8. In today’s modern society, some people do not think that feminism is still needed while others feel that there are still massive gaps in the treatment of men and women.

  9. Does Society Place Too Much Pressure on Women?
  10. It is no secret that women receive a lot of pressure to look and act as expected.

  11. Is Hookup Culture Ruining Relationships?
  12. Many believe that dating is a thing of the past, thanks to a modern hook-up culture that ultimately removes all past values when it comes to dating and relationships.

  13. Does School Start Too Early?
  14. Many people feel that school starts too early in the morning for students to function and learn properly.

  15. Do Professional Sports Players Make Too Much Money?
  16. Some people believe the amount of money that professional sports players make is ridiculous and unnecessary.

  17. Is The Death Penalty Morally Correct?
  18. Though it is only legal in certain states, many feel that the death penalty is necessary for some situations.

  19. Should Drug Testing Be Necessary to Qualify for Government Assistance?
  20. It is a common opinion that it is unfair that those who work for their money need to be drug tested, while those who do not work for their money do not need to be drug tested.

  21. Should There Be More Extensive Testing When Applying For A Gun License?
  22. Many believe the current procedure for obtaining a gun license is not nearly as thorough as it should be.

This list is just a small sample of the many interesting and controversial topics that are available to be covered. Remember to choose a topic that will not only interest you but will interest readers as well.