Free Tutorial On How To Write A Research Paper Related To Literature

A research paper is a popular assignment in such subjects as history, languages, or literature. If you have never before composed a successful project of this kind, you will probably need some useful tips.

How to Write Successful Literature Research

  • Determine the purpose of your project.
  • Your readers should know how useful the project is for the whole sphere.

  • Think of the project as a whole.
  • Such works are used to give answers to certain questions. You need to have a clear understanding of where your work can be used.

  • Prepare a plan.
  • It’s especially important if your teacher demands it. It normally happens if you are supposed to prepare the project through several weeks or more.

  • Determine your deadlines and compose schedules.
  • You need a schedule of your own work and another one for the days you see your teacher and show what you have done so far.

  • Search for reference sources.
  • Give preference to academic sources of information like university websites, scientific journals, reputable literature research projects, etc. When making copies or saving files, save the name of the source, its author’s name and other details that are necessary for a bibliography list. You need no less than 6 sources per each 15 pages of the project.

  • Process but don’t copy off.
  • When you find interesting material on a certain point of view, don’t copy it off just because it belongs to a famous specialist in the sphere. Think over the opinion, process it in your mind, and then add to your paper.

  • Add some variety.
  • Find sources of interesting information in neighboring spheres. Literature often meets psychology, sociology, biology, etc. Use diverse sources and diverse facts.

How to Know That Your Research Is Interesting

Give your project to a person who has no significant knowledge of the sphere and ask to read it and figure out the questions that emerge in the process of reading. Try to explain your investigation and findings to this person. It will help you see your work at a completely different angle and evaluate it from a completely different point of view.

Always think about your readers in the process of writing. A project cannot be interesting if it’s written in a heavy complicated language. Choose clear and easily understandable word combinations, synonyms, and epithets. It will help you convey the idea of your work to your readers and keep their attention.