Writing A Convincing Conclusion For A Research Paper On Music Censorship

Without knowledge of the purpose of a conclusion will result in a meaningless collection of words and sentences. Though the conclusion is the last part of any research paper, it plays a vital role. What is the purpose of a conclusion?

  • A conclusion binds all the ideas discussed in the introduction and body. As such, it draws parallels between different points argued in different paragraph. Without a conclusion, your points stand lonely and will not make sense as a whole.

  • The conclusion is also used to give your stand or point of view of the subject under discussion. This is explicitly clear when writing argumentative papers. When required to debate two sets of ideas, you use the conclusion to declare your stand.

  • The conclusion summarizes your work in a few words. A person reading your conclusion should be in a position to understand what is contained in the body, albeit in summary form.

  • A conclusion is also used to justify the hypothesis made in the introduction. The body is used to reveal the evidence that supports your thesis. The conclusion connects the hypothesis with the evidence shown and thus either leads to approval or disapproval of the hypothesis.

With full knowledge of the role played by a conclusion, how then do you craft it to ensure that it meets these expectations?

  • No New Information - Never introduce new information at the conclusion. The number of words available will not allow you to argue your point. This means that it will remain hanging and thus be of no consequence. Use it to summarize what has been discussed in the previous paragraphs.

  • Make it Brief - as a summary, your conclusion must be very economical with words. The words are supposed to specifically address what has been discussed in the body. A wordy conclusion leads to confusion since your argument will be difficult to follow.

  • Make References - a conclusion makes references to the discussions that have taken place in the previous paragraphs. Such references should be very specific and targeted at proving a point. In fact, the conclusion provides answers to what was pointed out at the introduction.

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