The Best Way To Come Up With Unique Research Paper Writing Ideas. Useful Tips

Coming up with a unique paper idea is research by itself, and you can spend hours just looking for one that is relevant to you. You can begin your search on the web for some great ideas, but below are some points that will help you come up with the right idea:

  • Make sure you meet the requirement: read the instructions carefully.

  • Pick a topic that you fancy: a topic that interests you will keep you engaged.

  • Examine the span of the idea: if it is too narrow, it will leave you short of ideas if it’s too wide it might be difficult to find data.


Once you have an idea of what you are writing about, you need to develop the idea, and you can do so using the following strategies:

  • Background Research: this is the most important step; it allows you to gather data concerning your concept, and you can add or change information to develop further your idea.

  • Develop a Research Question: this is basically what the paper will focus on, once you have done background research develop a question that you will answer throughout the paper.

  • In-depth Research: this will help you get extra information that will add to the depth of your paper, explore all the available angles, go through articles, books, and different sources so that your idea is fully developed.

The above process will help you come up with your thesis, which will in turn answer your research question. Using the sources you’ve found you will be able to construct a strong thesis for your paper.

While developing this idea, you should also seek guidance from your instructor or library. Also, it is wise to ask the instructor about the deadline for the paper, you don’t want to be too focused on it and forget to turn it in on time.

If you seek, you shall find, that’s the statement that sums the whole process of finding the right idea for your paper. Go out there and do your research, ask questions and discover answers, but most importantly pick something you’re interested in, it will fuel your hunger and drive you.

Don’t forget to check that your paper has flow in it, present your ideas orderly and always check for spelling errors, you don’t want to get a bad grade just because of grammatical mistakes. Good luck.