How To Write A Good Introduction For A Research Paper On Global Warming

Nearly all parts of the world are encountering and witnessing the severe wrath of global warming at present and it seems it gets worse and worse. For this reason, it is high time to raise awareness of this phenomenon and encourage everyone to do their share on how to help save the planet we presently live in especially the young ones. In addition, teachers often give this subject matter when it comes to the writing task provided to students in various levels. This is one great way to let students know about climate change and its damaging impact to the environment and to the lives of the many people and other creatures.

While it is true that this topic is something that is broad and perhaps not really too difficult to talk about since we personally experience it, still, there are some factors we need to take into consideration so that we can ensure that we write a research paper that is informative, sensible and able to make positive contributions to the target readers. Not to mention, it is just right to search for effective format on how to arrange your ideas and points logically so that you will be able to impress your teacher and clearly convey the message you wish to share.

When getting started, the first thing that makes you confused is how and what you will talk about in your research paper’s introduction? For you to create a very catchy introduction about global warming, you have to consider the following guides:

  • Take note that the introduction, unlike the abstract, does not have a stringent word limit. However, it must be very succinct. This part of the paper is a bit tricky to compose that is why many writers even professional ones often times decide to write it last so as to ensure not missing any valuable point.

  • When you use a format for a longer research paper, it is highly advised to format your introduction around the structure. It must be able to provide an overall analysis of your paper; however, it must address some marginally distinct concerns from the abstract.

  • In the same way, it must work upon the principle of presenting the subject matter of the research and setting it into an extensive context, slowly narrowing down to a research problem, your paper’s thesis as well as the hypothesis. Keep in mind that an impressive introduction must expound clearly how you mean to solve the issue introduced and it must be able to come up with “leads” that make the readers want to explore your analysis.