Creating A Great Research Paper Proposal Easily

Between writing the research and the proposal to the main paper, which one do you consider the most challenging of them all? A lot of students will look at the research paper with contempt and consider it to be one of the most challenging things that they will ever have to do. In real sense, this is as far from the truth as you can imagine. As a matter of fact, did you know that the proposal to your thesis is the biggest challenge that you have to get through?

The reason for this is because when you are writing the proposal, it is like sending in a formal application to the university to allow you to take on the study. If they feel that your request is subpar, they will deny you the chance and you will have to keep making formal requests until the moment they will feel like your application has come of age, and is worth paying attention to.

On the other hand, the dissertation that you will work on once the proposal has been accepted will primarily involve you altering the tense from your proposal from future tense to past tense, and include the analysis chapter and findings and you will be good to go. Those are secrets that perhaps no one ever told you about, right?

When planning for this paper, there are other important details that you need to think about, which will go so far in ensuring that you are able to do your work just as you have always wanted. The following tips will surely get you through:

  • Choose a reasonable topic

  • Have a schedule for your work

  • Emphasize on research

Choose a reasonable topic

The most important thing you need to do is to select an appropriate topic that you can study while at the same time do some proper work on it. Do not make it too wide for it will be vague.

Have a schedule for your work

Make sure that you have an outline for how you intend to do the work, and if possible a timeline within which particular tasks or chapters in your paper must be completed.

Emphasize on research

Finally, nothing makes your work impressive like proof that you really did some good research into it. This should particularly be evident in the literature review section of your paper.