Academic Writing Made Simple: How Do I Pick A Topic For A Research Paper?

When it comes to picking a good topic for a research paper there are various things to consider. For example, you need to be aware of any particular academic writing style that you will need to use - for instance, a topic that might be suitable for an argumentative piece may not necessarily be quite as appropriate for a compare and contrast essay.

As well as choosing something that is appropriate to write about, it is important that you choose a subject that you will be comfortable with. For example, you will need to carry out a great deal of research, and it is important that you will be able to do this to a high standard. If you choose a subject that has only been written about relatively vaguely, then you may not necessarily be up to create a detailed and comprehensive piece of work.

To help you think of good topics to write about there are various things that you can do; for example, you can use brainstorming techniques, you can look through other articles and papers for inspiration, or you can discuss ideas with your friends. Likewise, you may wish to look through the ideas below to see if there is anything that you would like to write about.

  • An analysis of the Olympic Games and how the present-day games of the 21st century differ to the first modern day Olympic Games, as well as how the modern day Olympic Games as a whole differ to the games that began back in ancient Greece

  • How are computer viruses created and how can they be used to affect other devices?

  • An examination of different dog breeds and how they can be trained to assist humans

  • An analysis of written language in the 21st century and what effect modern technology has had on present-day English

  • An analysis of casino games and why gamblers will always lose in the long run

  • An analysis of great empires of the past and how they fell, and what comparisons can be made to modern-day empires, and how they can learn from the mistakes of the past

  • An analysis of fictional literary characters that have been based upon real-life people

  • What are scientific theories and how are they created, and why do people accept the theory of gravity to be true whilst doubting the theory of evolution?

  • An analysis of number systems used throughout the world in the 21st century, as well as those used throughout history

  • Who was the most important inventor of the 20th century?