10 Basic Things To Know About The Term Paper Writing Format

Writing a good term paper will mean nothing if you haven’t presented it in the right format. Doing so allows you to properly arrange your data in a way that flows, in doing so your ideas will be received well by the audience, and you will have put your point across in a way that the person understands. In short it’s orderly. So let’s take a look at some points you need to know about the term paper format for either APA or MLA formats:

  1. Margin: should be one inch on all sides for both style formats

  2. Font: both are 12 point, for the MLA you should use Times new roman, but for the APA you can use the above or courier font, but you should use Arial for figures.

  3. Spacing: Both should be double spaced even for captions.

  4. Text alignment: Both formats should be flashed left, and the right margin should be uneven.

  5. Paragraph Indenting: five spaces or ½” for MLA format, but APA should be between 5 to 7 spaces.

  6. End of a sentence: you should go with your teacher’s preference, but its standard to leave a space after the period.

  7. Title page: you should include these only if requested by the teacher.

  8. Tables: in MLA format always put the table close to the text they refer to, but the tables should be at the end of the paper when you are using APA format.

  9. Follow the general order, i.e.,
    • Title page

    • Abstract

    • Body

    • References

    • Footnotes

    • Tables

    • Figures

    In the case of MLA format, the tables and figures should appear after the text they represent.

  10. The major sections should not have page breaks in between them, for example if you are writing the introduction it should all appear on one single page. Make sure that you write the whole paper in the past tense.

These are the general points to consider on the topic of the format of a term paper. Hopefully this will help you construct a paper that is well structured and follows the right guidelines. I would advise you to do some further research so that you can add to these guidelines, after all if you seek, you shall find. Good luck writing your term paper, and remember to practise on the above points so that you improve your skills.