Formatting A Research Paper In Chicago Style Properly

Many times in the life of a student, one will always make mistakes in term papers with one of the prominent ones being term paper formatting. This calls upon one to be well versed with the different academic styles out there. Globally, there are thousands of higher learning institutions; a million perhaps and what will always make each and every one of them stand out is the manner in which studies are conducted for consumption by the larger global economy. Well, as a student, you mandate will always be to gain insights into the practical knowledge of academic research so that you r paper can always be relevant in any part of the world. Every higher learning institution recommends different types of academic paper formatting, and it will not be a surprise that there are those which recommend more than one. Among the term paper formatting techniques such as Harvard, APA, MLA; Chicago paper formatting styles has always been preferred by Universities in the United States and elsewhere. Characteristically, the different formatting styles may bear close semblance but in this article, we take a look at some features phenomenal with Chicago paper formatting, so let’s take a dive in for more insights into this subject.

Formatting the title page

Well, this will remain one of the crucial elements of a study paper and when it comes to ensuring that is it appears as it ought to be, formatting guidelines are necessary. Your title should always be written without a full stop/ period at the end even if it makes a full sentence. Also, it should be placed at the center of the page. Also, never make the mistake of writing your title in bold, italics or even underlining in as this would cause you good grades you would have earned from the onset. Do not number your title page.

Body text formatting

The bulk of your academic writing is the body text which constitutes the literary review section, findings, date presentations and discussion. In formatting this section, never use double alignment. The entire body text should be left –aligned. Also, double spacing is advised between lines except for a single space after full stop.


When it comes to giving pages numbers, omit the first page but ensure all the others are numbered. Under the title, your name should also be centrally placed.