Best Places You Should Check To Get Research Papers For Free

If you are stuck in an impasse just ahead of your final submission date, you may take pleasure in the fact that there are quite a few places where you can get research papers for free, both online and offline. Here are the best places handpicked for your easy further reference.

Online libraries are the places to go

Visiting an online library seems the most sensible solution when you cannot write or articulate your argument clearly. There are college libraries that provide sneak preview of dissertations and college essays, even for the non-student visitors. However, chances are there that you cannot access the full essays until you are an enrolled student of that university and unless you have your login credentials with you. Therefore, it’s wise to get the login credentials for your own university’s library and downloading the samples from there should be easy enough for you.

Walk up to a brick-and-mortar library

You may be too reluctant to do the extra legwork for visiting a public or school library, but know that it actually pays off very well. All you have to do is to find out that library just around the corner, get a subscription and start browsing college essays and dissertations right from the very first day of taking your membership. You can sit there and browse through a whole compendium of published papers.

Contact subject matter experts or veteran scholars

Many senior scholars have this habit of self-archiving the research papers that they produce during their fellowship days. You can contact a subject matter expert or a veteran scholar to find and read a whole lot of samples which might be readily available with him. Do not hesitate to ask him for specific samples so you can get closer to the topic at the first go, and not after hours of flipping through the piles of papers.

Academic writing agencies are a great help

Did you know that you can get a whole lot of free samples from academic writing agencies that specialize in academic writing, editing and proofreading? Of course they provide free samples considering you as a potential buyer and you might need to sign up with them for a small fee. However, after signing up, it’s actually an ocean full of academic paper samples that you can access, download and read to get enough inspiration for your next academic writing project. Subject specific and topic specific samples are also available.