Practical Instructions For Writing A Turabian Format Term Paper

One style of writing that you may encounter in your education career is a Turabian style of writing. This writing style requires specific formatting guidelines that you must follow in order to meet the instructor’s requirements. Here are a few practical instructions for writing a piece in this style of composition.

General formatting guidelines

Turabian formatting follows several specific requirements including:

  • One inch margins must be used throughout the writing

  • The font must be Times New Roman in number 12 font

  • All writing must be double spaced with a few exceptions like figure captions, block quotes, table of contents, reference lists, etc.

  • The title page should not have a page number as long as there is nothing in front of the title page itself but if there is it is page i

Style guidelines for the writing

There are specific guidelines that must be followed for the writing of the body of the work as well and include the following:

  • All writing should be done in the active voice

  • There are two citation styles that are used in this type of writing including Bibliography and reference, only one style should be selected and used

  • It is permissible to shorten bibliographical citations by us the ibid. option

  • Any reference to biblical works of writing should be included in the footnote section and not the bibliography

Main body of writing

When you are composing the body of the piece you should structure the work using headings throughout the piece. Headings can go all the way to fifth level and each will have a specific formatting requirement that it must use. Reference these guidelines while writing to avoid having to reformat.

Compiling reference information

References must be included in the writing and also must follow specific formatting guidelines. For example, the second line and all follow on lines should be indented.

Bibliography notes

One last section of practical instruction for writing in the Turabian style is to compose the bibliography. The Bibliography will follow similar requirements with spacing and indenting but will have certain requirements that must be included for the source.

These practical guidelines will help to get you started writing in the Turabian style but to ensure that you follow all required guidelines, keep a list of formatted requirements handy and you will not have to waste time formatting a section two times.