How To Come Up With Good Biology Research Paper Ideas: Writing Basics

Ideas are precious and can be as difficult to come by as writing your actual research paper. It is easy to feel overwhelmed or as if the task is simply too large. However, the key thing about academia is structure. Once you understand that then the answers to any question are never too far away. The same goes for your ideas. They have to be strong enough to carry the paper. There is little point in going off on a flaky whim or tangent. Your ideas need to be able to:

Capture the interest of the reader

Offer something of worth

So, just how do you come up with good, biology research ideas? Here are some writing basics that should be enough to dig you out of any hole:

Write about what you know

Okay, so that might seem a little basic. However, there is a lot to be said about not stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Writing about subjects on which you feel comfortable frees your mind and enables you drill down into uncharted territory – while offering you the security blanket of knowing that the foundations are all in place.

Write about something that intrigues or inspires you

You might have an interest in the development of new vaccines. You might have a personal reason for wanting to find a cure for a particular form of cancer. If something puts the fire in your belly then that can only be a good thing as you will be far more likely to go the extra mile needed to come up with an incredible research paper.

Read some relevant periodicals

It really depends upon where you see yourself headed. Whether you one-day envisage yourself at the forefront of innovative science, or whether you plan to put your degree in biology to good use elsewhere. However, no matter how big or small your overall plans it is vital that you read some relevant periodicals. These should literally be teeming with ideas for your research paper.

Skim-read other research papers

In order to put a spin on a well-worn theme it is often a good idea to read as many biology research papers as you possibly can. Don’t confine yourself to one topic. Read the broad spectrum. You don’t have to read them word by word. Quickly skim-reading them should be enough to give you a flavor.